About Me

These days, I write iOS apps for Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas. As the senior engineer, I’m the technical lead and application architect for the primary in-house created iOS app.

In the past, I’ve worked on software in quite a few American industries including: automotive, banking, real estate, gaming, scientific instrumentation, e-commerce, entertainment, and enterprise. I’ve written for embedded controllers, Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and even a tiny bit of Android. I write in C, C++ and Objective-C and I’m slowly adding Swift. Creating software is my passion.

While at Trilobyte Games I led the port of The 7th Guest for iOS and The 7th Guest for OS X as well as the follow up game, Infection.

From time to time, I write the Codhisattva tumblr.

And I have an obligatory About.Me page at about.me/john.fricker and I have summarized my resume at http://vizualize.me/JohnFricker#.

I’m not available for work, so recruiters please save your bytes.